Acupuncture fees & Treatment

meridian-linesFirst appointment, including consultation, 1 hour : £25

Regular appointment, 45 mins-1 hour: £20

Concessions available: £15

By treating more than one patient each hour, a practitioner can significantly reduce the price of each treatment. Also, rent costs per patient can be much reduced, and these savings can be passed on to you. We are confident that these charges are amongst the most competitive acupuncture prices in Leicester.

Treatment – what to expect

When you first come into the clinic, please take a seat in the waiting area, where you’ll be asked to fill in some forms. We ask that you come 15 minutes before your treatment time to do this on your first visit, unless you’ve already filled them out by downloading them from our website, in which case just bring them along with you at the time of your appointment.

Your acupuncturist will take you to our private consulting room for the first consultation – they will take a full medical history, look at your tongue and feel your pulse on both wrists. If you are suffering from pain, your acupuncturist will examine the areas of pain and check your range of movement.

Your acupuncturist will discuss your Chinese Medical diagnosis with you. They may give some lifestyle or nutritional advice – exercises may be suggested and the amount and regularity of treatment needed agreed.

Back in the main treatment room, your treatment will be given with you lying down on your back, front or side depending on the treatment required.

The needles we use are very thin, sterile and only used once – the insertion of the needles is generally painless though a dull or spreading sensation may be felt.

How will my dignity be protected when I have treatment in a multibed clinic?

Couches are separated by screens for privacy; blankets will be used to preserve patients’ dignity. It is rare to have to remove clothes, as the most-frequently used points are on the arms and legs. Trousers and sleeves can be rolled up, or a skirt moved to one side, for example. For this reason, please wear loose clothing when you attend your clinic.